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Pharo is a global employer, with 68 staff including 32 investment professionals from over 15 countries. More than half of our employees originate from emerging countries. Our portfolio managers are highly experienced traders who have lived through a wide range of difficult market conditions, such as the Tequila crisis of 1995, the Asian crisis of 1997, the Russian default of 1998, the Turkish devaluation of 2001, and the global financial crisis of 2008. Collectively, they have extensive experience in virtually all developed and emerging market asset classes, including domestic and external debt, foreign exchange, futures, swaps, options, commodities, and other derivatives. Our investment approach combines a deep knowledge of macroeconomic fundamentals and thought leadership with tactical analyses of market conditions.

Risk Management

Pharo prides itself on its risk management. We have designed our risk systems with the mindset that preserving capital is a paramount goal. Our proprietary risk models are forward looking and our stress tests respond nimbly to changing liquidity, assisting us in achieving our investment objectives and to maintain client liquidity. We have never imposed gates, suspended redemptions, or resorted to side pockets.


At Pharo we aim to offer our clients liquidity, access, transparency and performance. We provide detailed risk reports, monthly performance letters and weekly NAV estimates. We encourage our investors to be in regular contact with our investor relations team so as to better understand our investment processes.


Pharo’s investor base has consisted primarily of large financial institutions such as pension funds, funds-of-hedge-funds, family offices, endowments, foundations, and sovereign wealth funds.